Anti-corruption, because corruption affects everybody.

Click on the images below to find information on how corruption affects every aspect of life in Britain today,  and particularly the people of Hastings and Rye. There are many other issues I could have covered.

Below the diagram is short biography about me.

My core issues are:

  • Expose and fight corruption, wherever it exists, regardless of the party or standing of the people involved. I respect people for what they do, not who they are.
  • Introduce legislation for the proper protection of whistleblowers, and scrap the Public Interest Disclosure Act. Whistleblowers are essential in a functioning democracy.
  • Support/introduce measures to improve services for people with mental health issues, particularly as a result of being in the benefits system.

All of these issues are matters of which I have direct experience. Of course there are many more issue on which I have views, and some of these I will blog about during my election campaign. But I am aiming to keep my website simple, and concentrate mostly on my main issue – corruption.

I studied at the Royal College of Music and the Royal College of Art and, like many creatives, I ended up working in a different field – in my case law – by default, to pay the rent whilst writing music.

In 2006 I was sacked from my job for blowing the whistle on a massive fraud by HSBC. My bosses called me ‘Mr Ethical’ because I refused to defraud people. I have been fighting corruption ever since, and in January it was announced that HSBC will be repaying £4m (out of £100m) to thousands of customers. I am still fighting for HSBC to repay the full amount.

Read the full article in the Guardian

The result of my whistleblowing is that I have been unemployed and claiming benefits in order to survive. I have only been able to continue my anti-corruption campaigning for all these years due to the generosity of people making personal donations towards this work. I understand from long personal experience the problems and indignities that people on low or no incomes in Hastings & Rye face every day.

I believe all the problems we face locally and in wider society are the result of either corruption within our financial system and the incompetence or fear of our elected representatives to tackle it. Debt – whether as mortgages, bank loans, student loans or credit cards – has become part of everyday life in order to get by. Our entire economy is based on debt and the debt industry is riddled with fraud.

Our banks were bailed out under a Labour government because they had dealt in toxic debt and the Tories used the bailout as an excuse for austerity. If corporations and the wealthy paid their fair share of tax there would be enough money in Britain to pay proper wages for essential staff, such as nurses and to build affordable housing for everybody.

For instance, the banks’ manipulation of Libor rates (the rates at which banks loan money to each other) affects everybody with a debt – especially local authorities burdened with huge rip-off loans from banks, which is why libraries, social care and many other local facilities are closing down.

Corruption affects every man, woman and child not only in Hastings & Rye but on the planet. Until it is tackled at source it makes no difference which party you vote for.

I am the only parliamentary candidate standing on an anti-corruption platform. Voting for me will help to bring about a change to the system, as I will relentlessly challenge wrongdoing in parliament just as I have been doing against HSBC.

Even though my political allegiances have generally been with the Labour Party, I am running at this election as an independent candidate because – so far – they have ignored the information I am willing to share with them about enormous corruption within our political system. Sadly they are yet to make really tackling the corruption in our financial system the top priority it has to be if they want to have the money to spend on the many worthwhile promises they are making in their campaign.

I moved to Hastings almost ten years ago because of its thriving creative community and am passionate about the town, the beautiful historical gem that is Rye and its great people. I will fight on my home turf for the people of Hastings & Rye to improve standards in government and business.

My background in law and frequent appearances in court mean I have sound experience as an advocate. I will advocate for you to clear out the corruption and create a fairer society. and I will listen, find the root of the problem and fight on your behalf, as I have spent years doing for defrauded consumers.

I have made a guarantee to the people of Hastings and Rye. An initiative from VoteSafe.eu and I’m very grateful to its founder Kaz Lokuciewski for supporting VoteSafe.eu friendly candidates such as me.


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